Sunday, October 11, 2009

Which Side? John Baldwin vs Bath NC

Incredibly interesting article regarding a developer from the Raleigh NC area that has moved to a quaint, historic hamlet on the North Carolina coast. I am familiar with John Baldwin and his portfolio of estates in the Raleigh NC area – some of you are as well! Victoria Park in Rosemont in Wakefield Plantation? Surely that rings a bell for some of you….

While I am most definitely “for” economic stability in small towns and “keeping in local” I can’t condone changing the landscape of a location that has preserved a way of life and atmosphere for so many years. Businesses are vital for an area to retain the local workforce and keep money flowing into the local economy but at what cost?

Obviously, I have not attended any of these meetings and I am just on the outside looking in basing an initial opinion on an article. However, I do know some of the story from the Wakefield Plantation side of the equation…… just saying.

Please, take a moment and read the article – what are your thoughts? I know developers that specialize in preserving historic elements and I don’t think they would approve.

Bath fights developer for its soul - Local - The Sun News


Anonymous said...

I drove into Mr Baldwin's driveway and asked to see the plans for the HOTEL he was building. I saw what the News and Observer called a Hotel, Restaurant, Gas Station, Track Mall. Wow, is that ever a stretch. Mr Baldwin is building a Bed and Breakfast Mansion house with 5 hotel rooms. Attached to the bed/breakfast was an additional structure for a doctors or real estate office. That was all that was ever planed and something that is greatly needed.

As far as changing the waterfront????
Give me a break on this too!!
I moved here in the 20s. There has always been very trashy buildings on this lot and much of the rest of the old Historic Bath Waterfront. The last building on the lot was a rotten gas station that became a nursery run by Mr Billy Moore. This building was finally removed before Mr. Baldwin came to town.
What we need in Bath is to get rid of this group that has moved in over the last 10 years and somehow think they can force everyone to do what they want done.
Shamed in Bath

Leesa L. Finley, Realtor® and Real Estate Strategist said...

"Shamed in Bath" - Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this post. It is wonderful to get a perspective from an actual resident in Bath and not the view from a newspaper. Seeing that you have been in bath since the 20s you have certainly seen the evolution (or lack thereof) of your town. Thanks so much again for your comments. Leesa

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I have been in Bath since 1970 and Washington, NC before that for an additional 5 years, so I KNOW what Mr. Baldwin is trying to do. We are not against progress in the town of Bath NOR against more people, more tourism or more diversity. What we DON'T LIKE is the way Mr. Baldwin operates --- he cuts corners, disregards clear environmental limits, and assumes that because he now OWNS all the property that he can do whatever he wants....irregardless of the effect his development has on our natural habitat.

Mr. Baldwin is a smooth operator who will slowly but surely change the landscape of Bath -- Potterville is not wanted here.

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