Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow - Talk About Creativity.....

Below is a link from an article I read this morning....It seems a couple in PA has become very creative is selling their home. The home, located north of Pittsburgh, has been on the market over a year and the sellers have decided to get creative to get it sold. Essentially, they are offering the buyers that bring them a full cash price offer a complete refund upon their death (the seller's death). In addition, should the buyers be willing to take care of the sellers when they get old the buyers would not only get the refund but an inheritance which would include the couples current second home in Arizona......WOW

Couple Offers Refund, Inheritance For Whoever Buys Home

My questions are......Can the seller provide a complete medical history on themselves along with the property disclosure? Can the buyer see the home in Arizona prior to making the offer at the sellers expense?

Very imaginative shucking.....

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wakefield Plantation - Do You Know What Goes On There?

I had the opportunity this past weekend to work with a wonderful couple moving from the New York area. They are very concerned about social activites and do not want to be in a neighborhood where there is nothing to do. We explored the different clubhouses at Wakefield Plantation and gathered much information on membership levels and activities.

I thought I would share some of the information for those of you that already live there and those of you that are contemplating a move there. I will not quote prices (as they are always subject to change) but will detail what each membership level entitles you to:

Charter Resident:
Membership Deposit Refundable Monthly Dues
Membership Deposit Non-refundable Monthly Dues
~ Clubhouse privileges for Member and family, including social, swim, tennis and full golf.
~ Access to TPC network of Clubs around the US.
~ Guest privileges include bringing or sending up to one foursome to the TPC at Wakefield Plantation per day.
~ Guest privileges include bringing or sending up to one foursome to any Club within the TPC Network.
~ Thirty day advance starting time reservation.
~ Special "extended family" guest fees.
~ Unlimited practice facility privileges and one locker in either the gentlemen's or ladies' locker rooms.
~ Payment option available.

Sport's Club Resident:
Initiation Fee: Monthly Dues:
~ Club privileges for member and family, including social, dining, swim and tennis.
~ Access to swim, tennis programs, including swim teams, tennis leagues and access to 9 hole golf course and fitness center.
~ Access to Clubhouse social events, such as Grill Nights, Holiday Brunches, Wine Tastings, Etc.

Initiation Fee: Monthly Dues:
~ Club privileges for member and family, including dining and social activites.
~ Access to clubhouse social events, such as Grill Nights, Holiday Brunches, Wine Tastings, etc.

I hope this helps in making your decision as to which membership is right for you! With each level there is plenty to explore in Wakefield Plantation! Let me know if I can answer any questions.

Shucking at the TPC.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Welcome back! Where ya been?????

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I have "pinged" you all in an old-fashioned way letting you know that The Pink Oyster has been updated. There are several reasons for that!
  • I felt that you all might be getting a little tired of the emails so I was givin' you a break! Dontcha just love me?
  • I have been very busy myself! I am, of course, still bloggin' away at The Pink Oyster but I have also been bloggin' away at several other blogs.

Here are some of my other blogs, each with their own distinct flavors and seasonings, that you might want to check out!

  • Carolina Dreamin'...Hip City - No Hassles - This blog is geared a little more towards the downtown Raleigh life, things to do in the area and large events happening.
  • Luxury Raleigh Homes - Blog with news articles regarding the luxury market, high-end listings, and occassional Open Houses.
  • Leesa's Blog / Active Rain - My blog that is geared to basically all things Raleigh. A little heavier on the listings, still fun, and there might be a little double posting between there and here. It's all good.

So, although I may wear many different hats lately and walk in many different shoes I still come home to The Pink Oyster and always will! Hey, isn't there medication or something for the whole different hats and different shoes thing?

I have also been cautiously revamping my website and I have added a website: Luxury Raleigh Homes.

I truely hope that you will take the time to look over the other blogs - hopefully you will find one that feels just right for you! And, as always, please pass me along!

Anyhow, glad your back and don't be a stranger - here for you any time! (As you have always been for me!)

Gratefully shucking.....

World Beer Festival Coming To Raleigh.......

Well, I would know! :)

The World Beer Festival was just recently in Durham, NC and is now scheduled for April, 2008 in RALEIGH! If you missed Durham (I did) DON'T miss Raleigh! Brewmeisters from all over the country and world will be showcasing some of the finest and unique brews available. Check out the link for ticket information (sold out VERY quickly for Durham), list of suds purveyors, and tentative schedule of events! Hope to see you there!

Hops and Barley shucking.....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Very Successfull 2007 Parade of Homes

Did you make it out? Better yet, did you make it out alive?

Linville was swarming with people this past weekend! I felt somewhat sorry for the actual residents there. I arrived early both days and you could just see the full-time residents filter out of the neighborhood for the day to avoid the mass of people driving through and the tour buses on route. There was one bus with 43 people that showed up in Linville.

From my perspective it was a huge success! I had many people tour 11229 Conley Cove Court and they were in awe of the incredible craftsmanship, lavish pool and attention to detail that Pinnacle Construction Group is known for. Several had also visited Hasentree and said that it, too, was a zoo!

If you were one of my visitors this past weekend - THANKS for stopping by! It was great seeing you. If you missed it you can always give me a call and I can arrange a private tour of any of the homes that were on Parade.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

OPEN HOUSE! Last weekend of the 2007 Parade of Homes!

Linville, Raleigh - I cordially invite everyone to visit my open house at 11229 Conley Cove Court on October 13 and October 14 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

I will be holding this exquisite home open both Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th. Come tour one of the most luxurious homes currently on the market! Hope to see you then! Please mention that you saw my OPEN HOUSE mentioned here on The Pink Oyster to be registered to win a free gas card!

Property information

Friday, October 5, 2007


Just a reminder! Please visit my podcast page

Raleigh Homes For Sale

for all of the latest podcasts on some of the greatest homes available in the Raleigh area! I will be continuosly adding homes as they are listed and updated as they go under contract. I hope you like the podcasts and if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to pass them on.

Honestly, who thunk up the whole "podcast" name?

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Updates and Information on New Falls of Neuse Projects

I have many clients and friends in Wakefield Plantation that are curious as to the projects surrounding New Falls of Neuse Road. Progress has escalated dramatically over the road extension and that raises a few questions thoughout the neighborhood. I thought I would find as many links as I could to help answer some concerns and curiousity.

Falls of Neuse Corridor Plan

Neuse Detour is Topic of Hearing Today

Residents, Firefighters Worry over Proposed Bridge Detour

Bond Referendums

If you come across any interesting articles or news related to the project please feel free to share!

Just doing a little research shucking......

A Walk Through Historic Wake Forest, NC