Monday, March 31, 2008

Wakefield Plantation - HOA Too Strict? You decide.....

Well, another story has come across the wire regarding a Homeowners Association and their reign over a neighborhood. For those of you local it comes as NO surprise that we are experiencing one of the worst droughts on the record books! Those of you out of the state? Trust me - it is a daily topic of discussion among residents!

Wakefield Plantation is a 2,200 acre development in North Raleigh. It is a mixed development community that encompasses condos, townhomes, cluster homes and single family homes that range from the low $200's up to $5,000,000. Some of the community amenities include TPC golf courses, tennis courts, community pools and many other recreational facilities. Wakefield Plantation prides itself on being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Common areas are constantly maintained, pruned and groomed.

There are restrictive covenants that the residents of Wakefield Plantation must abide by. They address many items such as what kind of fence you can install on your property, where you can park your vehicles, etc. For the most part, these restrictive covenants help the community maintain it's conformity. However.....

Wake County has started encouraging the use of rain barrels of homeowners to capture rain to then be reused for purposes such as landscaping. One current resident of Wakefield Plantation decided that rainbarrels would be a water conserving effort that he and his family could utilize to do their part during this drought. Michael Dadian purchased and installed 8 rain barrels on his property in February. Just this past Friday David learned that most of his rain barrels will need to be removed. Why?

“To maintain the visual impression, especially from the street, for our
community,” Greg Barley, with the Wakefield Plantation Homeowners Association, said of the reason behind the rain barrel limit. (to read the entire article please visit WRAL)

This puzzles me in light of a few other recent decisions that impact Wakefield Plantation such as Wakefield Plantation - Will there be new zoning? It would seem according to that decision that the purpose of re-zoning is to protect the water supply of the Neuse River at the old Burlington Mills textile plant.

While I can argue for HOAs and against HOAs, I personally think that, in light of the current drought, restrictions should be somewhat relaxed IF it is to conserve water. Here is another post that came out a few months ago regarding HOAs and water - Please file this under "You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!"

Where do you stand on HOAs? I would love to know - again, there are great arguments both for and against.......

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

World Beer Festival Update - TICKETS ON SALE TODAY!

It's Almost Time! This event was HUGE last year and this year proves to be just as exciting! The World Beer Festival makes it's stop in Raleigh on April 26, 2008.

This is the LARGEST celebration of domestic and international beers in the Southeast - there will be over 300 beers from 150 breweries. And, you know what? This years funds will benefit the Downtown Raleigh Alliance - what a great cause.

Tickets for this massive even will go on sale TODAY! General admission is $40 and VIP tickets are $75. With the VIP ticket you will get food, special beers and more. Tickets are limited. There are two sessions available which are Session I - 12pm - 4pm and Session II - 6pm - 10pm.

Local entertainment will be:

Numerous vendors will be out - just to mention a few are Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Draughthouse, Blues BBQ and many, many more! Restaurant vendors include The Pit, The Weeping Radish, Raleigh Times Bar and Restaurant and quite a few more delicious choices will be there to tempt you!

Be sure to check out the World Beer Festival Website for the Beer Tasting Line-ups and more information for this exciting event.

Just a little taste of what goes on in My Back Yard....

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NC Hwy 98 Road Project - How Will It Impact Wakefield Plantation

Progress is being made for the 1.5 mile extension of Hwy 98 from US1 to Thompson Mill Road. A few of the highlights of this project are:

  • This project is 1.55 miles in length.
  • Work involving lane closures, narrowing lanes, and/or stopping traffic will not be permitted between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • This project will include a re-alignment of Falls of the Neuse Rd and Old N.C. 98.
  • A new intersection will be constructed with Old N.C. 98.
  • This project will tie in with N.C. 98 just west of Thompson Mill Rd.
  • Wakefield Plantation Drive: A new connection to the Bypass will be constructed away from traffic.

For specific lane closures please see the Construction Fact Sheet provided by the NCDOT.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Down The Drain.....NO MORE!

Raleigh NC has become on of the first cities in the nation to BAN garbage disposals in new homes as well as replacing or repairing existing ones! Any towns that receive their water from the City of Raleigh are also included in the ban. Such cities are Rolesville, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Zebulon, Wendell and Garner. This new law becomes effective TODAY and fines are $25,000 per violation!

There have been approximately 99 sewer overflows just since 2005 from putting grease and food down disposals. That waste then filters into the local streams.

For more information on this new law please visit:
Raleigh Says Bye-Bye to Disposals
Council Approves Ban On New And Replacement Garbage Disposals
Raleigh Sends Disposals Down Drain

What say you? From a personal standpoint, I lived in a first floor unit in a condo years ago. My upstairs neighbor was constantly putting grease down the drain. If I could tell you how any times I came home to a nasty, smelly, disgusting mess on my kitchen floor because of the dodo upstairs. It was not pretty!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wake Forest Kid's Carnival - March 11th - 16th!

We went last year to the carnival and it was so much fun! There are games, rides and very yummy carnival food like funnel cakes, hot dogs, snowcones and much, much more!

This years Carnival will be held from March 11th - 16th. Hours will be 5pm - 10pm Tuesday through Friday, Saturday from 1pm - 10pm and on Sunday from 1pm-8pm. The carnival will be held in the parking lot of the Home Depot - plenty of room!

There is an "unlimited ride" bracelet available for purchase for $15 and is only "useable" Tuesday and Saturday afternoon. $2 discount coupons are available at Wake Forest Town Hall and the Wake Forest and Wakefield Quiznos restaurants.

So, when you venture to Home Depot over the next week to get your home improvement supplies be sure to stop by the carnival - be a kid - HAVE FUN!!!!

A Walk Through Historic Wake Forest, NC