Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chiclets - no, not PYTs

Do you know what a chiclet is? Well, a generation or two back it was GUM. Cute little square pieces of gum that came in a nice tidy box that you could keep closed. Perfectly packaged for the obsessive compulsive young at heart! (Anyone notice how Orbit has gone back to that? Dirty Mouth? Clean it up with Orbit - boy, that girl buggs me!)
Anyhow, back to the the topic......Chiclets are the little tiny icons that you see all over websites and blogs. Even The Pink Oyster herself has them. Here is a link that will help you decipher what all of those vibrant, teeny, tiny little buttons mean and how you can use them.
The wonderful world of Chiclets as only The Real Estate Tomato could explain!

Hey, Buh-dy............Freddy Krueger Meets The Weasel!

Okay - taking a stab here (no pun intended) and hoping that the majority of you remember (do you really want to?) Pauly Shore and of course, the king of screamers, Wes Craven. Seems like things are getting a little creepy in "The Hills"

Craven vs. Shore and the damaged property

So, after watching the clip - has Pauly been bonin' up on his Real Estate?

A Walk Through Historic Wake Forest, NC