Thursday, September 13, 2007

In line at 2am? This isn't for the latest book release!!!

Everyone has been so concerned with how growth has affected the school system (and, rightfully so) that we seemed to have overlooked another group. Those that aren't quite in school yet. Daycares and pre-schools are overflowing and more are needed - NOW! Remember when you use to sleep out in front of a concert venue to get in first or stand in line at the bookstore in the wee hours of the morning to get the latest Harry Potter? Well, join the long list of parents that are going to drastic measure to be sure that their children get into a daycare/preschool.

Growth Puts Squeeze on Wake County Preschools......

If you would like more information on Wake County Public Schools please let me know and I will be happy to provide internet links and/or phone numbers for local resources.

Raleigh's "Green" efforts pay-off!!!!

"Raleigh has the potential with some of the initiatives it has undertaken and some it's developing to become the most green community in the Southeast," said Tom Jensen, who oversees the Cool Cities program for the N.C. Sierra Club, on Wednesday.

Fabulous quote from a great article highlighting Raleigh's efforts to combat global-warming.......Click on the link for the full article. Also, take a look at the articles sidebar - among the other cities is Wake Forest and Hillsborough for 2007!
Eco-friendly shucking....

A Walk Through Historic Wake Forest, NC