Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow - Talk About Creativity.....

Below is a link from an article I read this morning....It seems a couple in PA has become very creative is selling their home. The home, located north of Pittsburgh, has been on the market over a year and the sellers have decided to get creative to get it sold. Essentially, they are offering the buyers that bring them a full cash price offer a complete refund upon their death (the seller's death). In addition, should the buyers be willing to take care of the sellers when they get old the buyers would not only get the refund but an inheritance which would include the couples current second home in Arizona......WOW

Couple Offers Refund, Inheritance For Whoever Buys Home

My questions are......Can the seller provide a complete medical history on themselves along with the property disclosure? Can the buyer see the home in Arizona prior to making the offer at the sellers expense?

Very imaginative shucking.....

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