Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking For Foreclosures in Wake Forest and North Raleigh?

My weekly foreclosure report for Wake Forest and North Raleigh has been updated on my website. Be sure to visit Leesa Finley, Circa Properties or Historic Wake Forest to sign up for weekly reminders!

If you are seeking foreclosures in another area you can email me or call me and I will be happy to prepare a custom search for you!Remember, when searching for information about Wake Forest, NC there is only one source!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Raleigh NC Rental Property Owners Now Required to Register

Beginning March 1, 2009, all rental property owners will be required to register their rental properties under Article H: of the City of Raleigh Code. Properties will then need to renew annually during the same time period. March 1 - April 30.

This rental registration will create a database that will promote responsible management, assist in providing a safe habitat for residents and neighbors of rental dwellings, safeguard property values and expedite repair of residential housing accommodations. The database may also be used to improve contact in case of emergency by Police, Fire, EMS or Inspections.

The fee for registration is $30.00 for the first unit on the property and then $10 per unit for each additional on the same parcel. Those who do not register their rental units could face fines up to $2000 PER MONTH.

An interesting article on illistrates several counterpoints to the program. Councilman Philip Isley feels the program is a way to generate revenue while Mayor Meeker claims the amount is minimal and isn't about generating revenue. The City stands to generate as much as $750,000 per year due to the program.
If you are a rental property owner you must register between March 1 - April 30, 2009. Please visit the City of Raleigh Rental Dwellling Registration for more information and access to online registration.

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