Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Holidays from My Family To Yours....

Sorry - I just couldn't resist! I found this from some of my other Realtor friend out there and had to work some magic!

The Finley Elves

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Light Rail...Are You In or Are You Out?

If you haven't heard about it or read about it yet here is an article from WRAL regarding Charlotte and their new light rail system.....

From the article...
System officials expect North Carolina's first light-rail line will handle
9,100 passenger trips on an average weekday in its first year. On Saturday, it
handled 34,000 trips in the first four hours, exceeding capacity of 25,000 trips
in that period. there were some 60,000 trips by evening.

So, what about Raleigh? Are we next on the list for light rail transit between Raleigh and Durham? Here is the latest proposed map for the route between Raleigh and Durham.

Would you take light rail if it were available in Raleigh? What are your thoughts?

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Ah, The Holidays...A Good Time To Sell Your Home?

I received my first phone call today from a seller that is contemplating taking their home off the market over the Holidays and re-listing after the New Year. She asked me what I thought......In addition to what I told her I also have some thought from other agents and thought I would share all of them with you.
  • Homes are at their cleanest at this time of year. With all of the families visiting and festivities around us the homes are decorated beautifully! Every sense a buyer has is touched in some way from the sights of homes lit up with lights, to the sounds of Holiday music, to the smells of baking cookies and fresh cut pine trees, to the tastes of warm cider and the feel of crisp, clean air.
  • Buyers that are intending to relocate to the area are most likely to use this time of year to visit the area and research schools, homes for sale, the city, the amenities and the overall atmosphere. Why miss that opportunity?
  • If other sellers are taking their homes off the market because "it's the thing to do" than that certainly gives you LESS competition! Take advantage of the situation.
  • The holidays are the biggest spending time of the year. Why miss out on buyers ready to make that purchase? If you home is previewed during December (early) there is a good chance that you can close by the end of the year. If closer to Christmas you can look forward to a sale shortly after the New Year.

I don't know about you but I think the Holidays are a great time of the year to try and sell your home. Sure, there might be slightly less buyers out there but the chances of the ones that ARE out there are serious and have the money is higher.

For those of you sellers out there that are thinking of taking your home off of the market - Talk with your agent first. If they don't mention the above I hope that you at least think about them.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Just the Facts, Ma'am......

A thought-provoking article just came across the wire on WRAL which I am sure will raise temperatures of buyers, seller, and Realtors.....

Basically, the article is relating to a proposal that would limit what Home Inspectors are allowed to put on their reports. I have a few inspectors that read this blog and I would welcome their perspective!

Currently, from what I have experienced and from what I understand, a home inspector can inlude on his report for a home his "opinion". An example would be: The 10 year old air conditioning system in a home. If the inspector inspects the system and it is "performing to the standards for which it was intended" they will put that on the report. They will also note the age of the system. However, they may also include in that report, in their opinion, that the system may need to be replaced due to age.

I have issue with that. I feel that the report should be based on fact and fact only. If the fact is stated that they system works and the fact is stated that the unit is 10 years old then it is up to the buyer/seller to then determine whether they feel the unit needs to be replaced.

I know that my home, personally, is a great example. I have a 5 year old system. Should an inspector have inspected it 4 months ago it would have been noted that "it was performing to standards for which it was intended" and that "the system is 5 years old". They, more than likely, would not have noted that the system would need to be replaced. Well, guess what? Who would have thought that my system now doesn't work! Had I bought this home 4 months ago would I have been able to go back to that inspector and blame him for not forseeing the future? No! And that is the way it should be. I just feel that reports should be based on facts and not assumptions or opinions. It either is or it isn't. It either works or it doesn't. It is either damaged or it isn't.

Board Delays Decision on Facts-Only Home Inspection Reports

What do you think?

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2007 Raleigh Christmas Parade

Wow - where has this year gone????

The 63rd Annual Raleigh Christmas Parade is happening next weekend! Can you believe it? Unfortunately, my family and I have missed it the last few years but NOT THIS TIME! We can't wait.

The parade starts at 9:30am and lasts about 2.5 fun-filled hours! Check out the link for the parade route......there are still some sponsorship opportunities available! WRAL also has some additional information available!

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A Walk Through Historic Wake Forest, NC