Monday, November 26, 2007

Light Rail...Are You In or Are You Out?

If you haven't heard about it or read about it yet here is an article from WRAL regarding Charlotte and their new light rail system.....

From the article...
System officials expect North Carolina's first light-rail line will handle
9,100 passenger trips on an average weekday in its first year. On Saturday, it
handled 34,000 trips in the first four hours, exceeding capacity of 25,000 trips
in that period. there were some 60,000 trips by evening.

So, what about Raleigh? Are we next on the list for light rail transit between Raleigh and Durham? Here is the latest proposed map for the route between Raleigh and Durham.

Would you take light rail if it were available in Raleigh? What are your thoughts?

Mass transit shucking...

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