Saturday, August 25, 2007

History Prevails.....

For those of you not familiar with Wake Forest let me give you my view point. It is a wonderful "small" town that is quickly being consumed from the ever-expanding Raleigh. There is a wonderful historic downtown area and the birthplace of Wake Forest University is here. I can't tell you the number of times that I have run into people (out-of-towners) looking for directions to get to the University. The reply is always an abridged version of how Wake Forest University was originally Wake Forest college and was founded in 1834. In 1956 the college was relocated to Winston-Salem and thus became Wake Forest University. Anyhow, Wake Forest retains much of it's charm and has many historic residences and buildings. Sadly, as with any small town progression, little by little the historic charm is fading away. Committees, such as the DRC (Downtown Revitalization Corporation) are moving swiftly to put into place a plan that will preserve, maintain and foster many of the historic attractions in the area and I must say, they are doing a great job! Following is an article that came from regarding one of the historic homes that is being saved.........HOW WONDERFUL!

If you are interested in preserving historic homes and sites please let me know. I served on the Capital Area Preservation Committee and am also a member of National Trust for Historic Preservation. I would be happy to supply you with any information that you would like.

Old time shucking.......

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A Walk Through Historic Wake Forest, NC