Saturday, July 14, 2007

Raleigh Bound....

Well, I have to say that CBS Early Show did a FANTASTIC job showcasing Raleigh and the Triangle area. They touched on everything from the southern charm, local wineries, local restaurants, research and BBQ. Applause! The ONLY thing that they touched on which really tripped my trigger was the year round schools. They had the two least equipped people to interview - it was awful! I don't know how they picked them. The gentleman on there was a School Board member and he was an opponent of mandatory year-round. Hey, everyone has an opinion. But if you are going to speak on a subject at least know what you are talking about. At one point he mentioned that with "tracks" you get two-week breaks throughout the year. Huh? Two-week breaks? Sorry, dude, it's 9 weeks on and THREE (3) weeks off. The other interviewee offered no information, insight or reasoning. She kept repeating something to the effect of "Education and growing". I am not sure what that meant. You could tell that Hannah was frustrated with her answers and kept deferring to the other guy. Oh well, maybe a more in-depth interview next time with educated guests both for and against!

Regardless, if I lived somewhere else and had seen the show - I would definately consider moving to Raleigh! Wish I had been there!
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