Monday, July 23, 2007

McMansions, Estates and Lotsa Money

It seems that home sales are down in most of the country - you would agree with that, right? Well, not all home sales! Even in the Raleigh area the sales of luxury, high-end properties have drastically picked up. Following is a story relating the country as a whole.

Soaring Into The Stratosphere

As for Wake County here are some statistics that might surprise you.

In Wake County ONLY sales jumped from $546,765,433.00 in May to a whopping $601,819,487.00 in June. That is the highest monthly sales in over a year - now I ask you, are we in a slump? Keep in mind, that is WAKE county only. It does not include Durham, Chapel Hill, and smaller areas such as Youngsville and Franklinton. Pretty astounding.

The zip code with the highest amount of sales is 27587. That includes all of Wake Forest and part of Wakefield Plantation. According to statistics there were 198 home sales in the month of June for just that zip code.

If you would like monthly updates on statistics for Wake County and surrounding counties please just send me an email and I will be happy to oblige.

Some serious house-buying shucking going on.....

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