Saturday, June 23, 2007

Top Seller's Markets?

Lists, lists and more lists! There are "Most Expensive Homes", "Best Cities", and more. Now? The Best Seller's Market and Raleigh makes the grade. Check it out....

This scenario is also playing out in Raleigh, N.C., the No. 1 city on our list. Moderate growth and disciplined building over the last five years prevented the market from developing a significant glut. Additionally, a strong local economy has helped contribute to the city's healthy 1.6% vacancy rate.

What's more, the rate of home sales against
home inventory was healthy in Raleigh; in this category, it ranked fifth best of big cities, according to Moody's metrics. Even though the market has low vacancy to begin with and displayed strong construction restraint during the housing boom, Raleigh still has the eighth best rate of tightening.

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Anonymous said...

Why in the world isn't the real estate bubble bursting here?

Raleigh Real Estate Bubble?

Leesa L. Finley said...

Mostly for the very reasons listed in the article. We have a strong economy, great job market and attainable price points in housing. What has started to affect us a little are the people relocating from other areas of the country that have a home to sell. They are unable to sell their homes in the different locations and therefore can't purchase a home here. It is a small impact and hopefully one that will not balloon. I don't know if you have seen The Early Show this morning that showcased Raleigh but, get ready for the roller-coaster ride....very favorable light and if I didn't already live here I would want to come.

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