Monday, May 28, 2007

Zillow? What's a Zillow?

We have all heard of it! (Haven't we?) Zillow is one of the many "home value" sites out there that allows you to research the "zestimate" of your next potential home or the home that you currently live in . It is a great tool for buyers and sellers but it is not rock solid advice that should be followed to the "T". While I encourage buyers and sellers to be educated themselves and know their market I also ask them to remember that each piece of information they gather is not religious doctrine. Be careful!

While Zillow is a great starting point for research it is best to engage the assistance of a professional Realtor(R) when determining your price point for selling or making an educated offer. Following is an article that explains the benefits as well as the short-falls of Zillow and others that want to be like them.......Also, before reading the article (or after - didn't mean to be bossy there!) I encourage you to visit Zillow and research your own home. Is the information accurate? I know that mine wasn't nor were several of my friends and associates. There is a place for you to edit information, however, Zillow will still override and be the most commonly viewed. Tell me what you think......

When shucking........CAREFULLY shuck!

Getting the Price Right On Home Value Sites

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